We are offering a 50% discount to EFT therapists who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color.  Please use coupon code BIPOC if this applies to you.

Clips and Chips

Next offered: Sun 5/23/2021 3pm - 5pm

An opportunity to watch videos with discussion breakouts and to socialize with community

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No Cost

EFT and Sexual Desire

Fri 9/17 11am - 4pm

Training with Kim Castelo

Working with Desire Discrepancy / Low Desire Couples in EFT


Certification Panel

Fri 6/4/2021 1pm - 3pm

A panel of practitioners presenting information and responding to questions regarding the certification process

No Cost

Interactive Session

Fri 10/8/2021 12pm - 2pm

Training with Kim Castelo

Sex Therapy and EFT : What Scares you?


Power Differences in the Therapy Room

Fri 6/18/2021 10am - 4pm

Training with James Hawkins!